Photos of survivors

Pte George McGrath, FA, survivor

Pte George McGrath, FA, survivor

S-Sgt Dick Medcalf, SMS

S-Sgt Dick Medcalf, SMS


Ron Isherwood

4 Responses to Photos of survivors

  1. Dick Medcalf’s name is spelt incorrectly. Please could it be corrected to MEDCALF, with a ‘d’. Many thanks, Helen Medcalf-Milne (Dick’s daughter).

  2. Hi Helen apologies for the error – it has now been changed thanks Caroline

  3. Christina Callinan says:

    Ron Isherwood was my mother’s fiancé. Marie Griffin met Ron in South Melbourne as they lived around the corner from each other. Marie broke off her engagement with Ron as she could not cope with Ron’s use of alcohol to forget his experience on the Hospital Ship.
    He went up to NSW and met and married after the War. They parted on good terms as he came to see Marie after she married my father Charles in 1942.

    Christina Callinan nee Mills

    • Hi Christina apologies for the late response. Thanks for sharing your mothers story. The Centaur and its demise was such a traumatic experience for so many people and it was sad that your mothers fiance coped with that trauma using alcohol – but it was and is such a common response isn’t it? Good to hear that they remained friends though.

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